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To get a good sofa you need to think completely

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To get a good sofa you need to think completely

Office Sofa specifically refers to the sofa suitable for office, office, and meeting occasions. Sofas can be divided into leather sofas, fabric sofas, wooden sofas, rattan sofas, etc.

Here is the content list:

l What is a good Office Sofa

l Note that you should consider completeness when buying a sofa

What is a good Office Sofa?

The appearance of the Office Sofa should be full and well-proportioned, the height should be appropriate, the fabric should have no obvious color difference, and the fabric pattern with stripes and grids should be symmetrical accordingly. The fabric is free from damage, stains, skip stitches, and other defects. There are no skip stitches or floating stitches. The exposed foam nails should be neatly arranged without any defects such as loosening, knocking, flattening, and peeling off paint. The structural strength of the sofa should be excellent. The armrest and back of the sofa should have no shaking, looseness, or noise. Touch the seat and back of the sofa with your hands and press each of them 2 to 3 times. The hand feels smooth and there is no spring friction sound. Based on the feeling of pressing pressure, it is estimated that the seat surface of the sofa is Whether it can withstand the pressure of the human body for a long time.

For the leather material requirements of the leather Office Sofa, the industry standard stipulates that the appearance of the product labeled as a full leather sofa is covered with natural animal leather except for the bottom of the sofa seat. The product of the nominal leather sofa stipulates that the seat surface, the front of the backrest, the upper edge of the backrest, the inner side of the armrest, and the upper edge of the armrest are covered with natural animal leather.

Note that you should consider completeness when buying a sofa

First, don't ignore style. Compared with the basic decoration of the office, in addition to the function of the sofa, the sofa also plays a role in setting off the environment. Therefore, the style and color of the sofa must be unified with the main color of the office decoration and decoration.

Second, don't ignore the size. When choosing Office Sofa, you will find that there are many sizes of sofas, there are thousands of types, so there will be such a situation, the sofa bought back is too large, the office becomes crowded, the size of the sofa is small, and the overall space out of proportion. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, you should first understand the area of your office, and then choose a suitable sofa.

Third, do not ignore the bearing capacity of the sofa. To choose a durable sofa, the first thing to look at is whether the frame of the sofa is durable and not easily deformed.

Fourth, do not ignore the resilience of the sofa. Sofas with better resilience are generally combined with serpentine springs and bandages so that the firmness and resilience of the sofa will be doubled.

Fifth, do not ignore the comfort of the seat cushion. A sofa that is too hard and too soft is not suitable for the normal sitting and lying of the human body and will have a certain impact on the human spine.

Sixth, do not ignore the wear resistance and washability of the Office Sofa. If you often receive guests in the office, choose sofa fabrics with good stain resistance and wear resistance.

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