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The placement and selection of office sofas

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The placement and selection of office sofas

If the area in the office is relatively large, then it is necessary to place Office Sofa to avoid the office being too empty. In addition to its function, the sofa is also an arrangement that can be adjusted to improve the office space. Placing Office Sofa in the office means that noble people are coming, which is a symbol of prosperous business. So how to place Office Sofa?

Here is the content list:

l How to place the office sofa?

l How to choose an office sofa

How to place the office sofa?

There is not much difference between placing a sofa in the office and placing a sofa at home. Both need to be placed according to the principles of placing them against the wall and having a reasonable shape. For example, no matter the size of the Office Sofa in the office, it should be placed against the wall. If there is a lack of a suitable wall position in the office, you can also choose to place cabinets, rockery Fengshui bonsai, etc. behind the sofa, which can also play a corresponding effect.

How to choose an office sofa

First, pay attention to the coordination of the entire office layout. Under normal circumstances, the choice of sofa largely determines the customer's impression of the company. Therefore, the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing an Office Sofa is the coordination of the entire layout. You can't just look at the sofa alone image. When decorating the office, first determine the overall style of the office, and then choose the sofa that matches it according to the overall style of the office. However, other factors should also be taken into consideration when choosing.

Second, pay attention to the comfort of the sofa. The comfort of the sofa is the most important. Generally, Office Sofas are used to receive guests or for office workers to rest. So the comfort of the office sofa is very important. The seat surface and backrest of the sofa should be curved surfaces suitable for the physiological structure of the human body. The height should be moderate, it is too low to sit up, and it is too high to be uncomfortable.

Third. Match the area of the office. The choice of Office Sofa should be based on the overall layout of the office. When the office area is relatively small, some compact fabric sofas can be used, and smaller solid wood sofas can also be used.

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