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Maintenance of leather and fabric sofas

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Maintenance of leather and fabric sofas

Office Sofa design needs to raise the awareness of consumers. On the issue of whether to design or sell, the relationship between "design first" and "pay for design" is inseparable. In the current office environment, consumers are more willing to pay for Office Sofas.

Here is the content list:

l Maintenance of leather sofa

l Maintenance of fabric sofa

Maintenance of leather sofa

First, treat the dirt with a professional cleaner. Wipe the leather sofa surface with a soft cloth, and then wipe the entire Office Sofa surface with a special leather cleaner. Dirt that is difficult to remove can be applied to the dirt with a small amount of special detergent, let sit for a while, and then wipe off with a soft cloth. Try it on an inconspicuous corner before using the cleaning product. If the consumer does not have the corresponding common sense on the maintenance of the sofa, it is recommended to send it to a special maintenance place for cleaning and maintenance. To maintain the leather sofa, you can apply a layer of leather maintenance oil on the leather surface. If there is no maintenance oil, you can replace it with leather jacket oil or colorless jacket oil of the same color as the sofa, and apply it evenly on the entire leather surface. Do not dry it with a hair dryer, do not expose the sofa to the sun, or place it close to the heating radiator. Make sure that the Office Sofa is at least 100-200 cm away from the radiator and the radiator.

Maintenance of fabric sofa

Most fabric Leisure sofas are machine washable and water washable. If the fabric sofa is damp, it can be dried with a hair dryer or a dryer, but pay attention to keeping a certain distance from the surface of the cloth. If the sofa is stained with a large area of stains and you cannot operate it skillfully, it is best to ask a professional fabric sofa cleaning team to solve it. The fabric sofa is vacuumed once a week. The fabric sofa can be beaten with a dry towel to remove dust and small debris, or it can be vacuumed regularly with a small vacuum cleaner, preferably once a week. The gaps between the armrests and backrests of the sofa must also be cleaned with a special vacuum cleaner. It is best to avoid sitting in the same position all the time. If you find loose threads, use scissors to cut them neatly. If the Leisure sofa has removable cushions, try turning it over once a week to distribute the wear evenly.

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