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Introduction of office chair

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Introduction of office chair

There are many styles of chairs. The office chair used in the office is different. Compared with other chairs, it has higher requirements, because it will be used when going to work. If it is not suitable, it will affect the quality of work, and even irregular ones can lead to physical problems. The following will introduce the characteristics of the visitor chair, how to maintain it daily, and choose the right office chair when purchasing.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the features of the office chair?

  • Introduce the daily maintenance of the office chair.

What are the features of the office chair?

First, the width and depth of the high back chair should be moderate, not too wide or too tight for sitting. At work, I often sit with a correct posture. This way of sitting is to sit in the front part of the middle of the office chair, while at rest, it is a state of relaxation. If the depth of the office chair is too large, it is easy to feel relaxed when sitting upright, and if the depth is too small, it is easy to feel uncomfortable when working. When purchasing, you can test whether it is suitable for sitting and whether it meets the office’s needs. Second, in addition to the width and depth of the office chair, the height of the chair legs should also be paid attention to. It is best to choose an office chair that can adjust the upper and lower heights. When you sit down, your feet should touch the ground naturally, and the joints of your feet should form a 100-degree angle. The adjustable office chair can be optimally adjusted according to each person's height when in use so that everyone can work in a comfortable state. Third, office chairs are generally designed with armrests. According to personal habits, if you are used to letting go of your hands naturally, you can choose office chairs with lower armrests or no armrests. If you like to put your hand on the armrest, you can choose a higher one. The armrest of the office chair is best connected to the backrest. When leaning back, the hand does not need to move, which is in line with the human body design. Fourth, when working, if you like to sit upright, you can consider a chair without armrests and backrest, which is similar to a stool, or choose a chair with low armrests and low backrest, which are relatively rare in office chairs, usually with backrests chairs with armrests, or chairs with backrests without armrests, can be leaned against for those who want to relax while working. Companies with conditions can purchase chairs with better performance, such as chairs with adjustable backrest angles, to provide employees with better conditions. In general, the characteristics of the training chair are different from other chairs. It is used in a special environment and needs to have performance suitable for the working environment. A high-quality office chair that will make your work smoother.

office chair

Introduce the daily maintenance of the office chair.

When handling, it should be handled with care, and special attention should be paid to avoiding a collision. After sitting for a long time, you should pat the sedentary part and edge often to restore it to its original state and reduce the phenomenon of depression caused by concentrated sitting. The dermis should be placed away from heat sinks and should be avoided direct sunlight. It is strictly forbidden to expose it to strong light. Do not rub vigorously when cleaning to avoid damaging the epidermis. For leather sofas and middle back chairs that have been used for a long time or accidentally stained, you can use a cloth dipped in soapy water (or washing powder, with a moisture content of 40%~50%) to scrub. Afterward, wipe with clean water, and then dry with a clean cloth. Do not clean with strong detergents, such as detergent powder, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline, or other inappropriate liquids.

When in use, try to make the center of gravity in the middle of the air pressure rod to ensure that the air pressure rod can be lifted and rotated lightly and flexibly; after a long time of use, the office chair should always check whether the screws on the mechanism are loose, and if they are loose, tighten them in time; whether the springs and knobs are loose, the spring should adjust the elastic force according to the user's weight, so that the back of the chair can be returned freely, and it is the most comfortable to lean on. It is strictly forbidden to sit on the armrests of sofas and office chairs or place heavy objects. To maintain the waiting chair regularly, strictly follow the instructions to prolong its service life. Don't leave the office chair in the sun for too long, which will cause some plastics to age and cause hydrogen embrittlement.

If you are interested in our training chair products or have other needs, please feel free to contact us. Our official website is https://www.dante-furniture.com/. Our company adheres to the service tenet of "customer first", implements the service integrity-based and customer-oriented, and takes "excellent quality, multi-faceted technical support, accurate delivery" as the business philosophy, with mutual benefit and common development as the goal. We wholeheartedly provide our friends with high-quality office chair products and services.

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