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Information about office chair

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Information about office chair

The training chair is a relatively common item, and it is inseparable from daily work. The consumption of office chair is mainly concentrated in three categories of people: first is the purchase of enterprises; the second is the purchase of the government; the third is the purchase of the school; the fourth is the family of the common people (in the study). But now the proportion of government procurement is not large enough, mainly concentrated in corporate purchases, accounting for the main force. Next, let's take a look at the relevant information about the office chair.

Here is the content list:

  • Instructions for office chair.

  • What are the criteria for a good office chair?

office chair

Instructions for office chair.

From the perspective of material composition, it can be divided into leather office chairs, PU leather office chairpersons, cloth office chairs, Mesh office chairs, plastic office chairs, etc. From the type of use, it can be divided into master chairpersons, work chairpersons, staff chairpersons, administrator chairpersons, conference chairpersons, guest chairpersons, ergonomic chairpersons, etc. From the perspective of use, there are mainly offices, open staff offices, conference rooms, reading rooms, library, reference rooms, training classrooms, laboratories, staff dormitories, staff canteens, etc. The office chair must be practical and comfortable to use. More and more designers and manufacturers of office furniture are developing more and more practical and reliable, but the furniture can be beautiful and fashionable on the premise of ensuring the functionality of the furniture, Comfort still comes first. The features of the high back chair are simplicity, generosity, ease of use, wear-resistant material, and easy disassembly so that it can adapt to the changes and placement of the office environment.

What are the criteria for a good office chair?

A good office chair should meet the following standards: First, it must have a height-adjustable device and the basic function of flexible 360-degree rotation. Second, the depth and width of the seat should be correct, the front edge of the office chair should be kept in a circular arc, and a fiber cloth surface with good air permeability should be selected. Third, it has a backrest that supports the body and relieves fatigue and tension. Fourth, the curve design of the waist size of the human body prevents the lumbar vertebrae from becoming arched and achieves the function of protecting the lumbar vertebrae. Fifth, the office chair must move with the body, without restricting the user, and there is only one sitting posture. Sixth, choose a five-claw foot seat with a large bottom area and high safety. Seventh, the office chair must be able to move freely. It is best to choose an office chair with wheels, and the wheels should be made of different materials according to the softness and hardness of the floor. Eighth, the middle back chair should not have a bad design that hooks clothes or hinders work. If you use an office chair with armrests, you need to use a material with a good handle on the surface of the armrest. Ninth, all adjustment devices should be simple and easy to operate. Tenth, it should be designed to be able to add accessories such as handrails at any time. Eleventh, choose the office chair that is suitable for the user himself, with a product guarantee and perfect after-sales service. Twelfth, with a beautiful appearance and appropriate color matching.

Committed to bringing guests more and more products, this is what we've been doing. If you are interested in our office chair products or have other needs, you can contact us, our website is https://www.dante-furniture.com/, you are welcome to come, and look forward to cooperating with you. Our company adheres to the corporate culture of "quality first, customer first", and always makes unremitting efforts to become a professional waiting chair supplier in the industry.

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