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How to take care of office chair?

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How to take care of office chair?

To prolong the service life of furniture, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of the furniture. For example, the waiting chair, which is often used at work, should pay special attention to its maintenance. How to maintain the office chair? What are the cleaning precautions for the office chair?

Here is the content list:

  • How to maintain the office chair?

  • Cleaning considerations for the office chair.

How to maintain the office chair?

First, keep the room voiced so as not to be too dry or sticky. Second, the leather has strong immersion, please pay attention to anti-fouling. still, they can be wiped with froth cotton and a special cleaning agent, if there are stains on the leather or velvet. Don't use strong cleaning products to clean the leather. However, incontinently dry it with a clean cloth or sponger, and wipe it with a damp cloth, if a drink is capsized on the president. Don't dry it with a hairdryer. However, it's suitable for wiping, if it's made of a sword. It should be wiped with a clean dry cloth. However, it can be wiped with a small quantum of soap, and also wiped with blarney, if it cannot be wiped off. Third, when using the training chair, try to make the center of graveness in the middle of the air pressure rod to ensure that the air pressure rod can be lifted and rotated smoothly and flexibly; the office chair later long-term use should always check whether the screws on the medium are loose, and if they're loose, strain them in time; Whether the spring and clump are loose, the spring should acclimate the elastic force according to the stoner's weight, so that the reverse of the president can be returned freely, and it's the most comfortable to lean on. Fourth, don't leave the office chair in the sun for too long, which will beget some plastics to progress and beget hydrogen embrittlement. The dermis should be placed down from heat cesspools and should be avoided the direct sun. It's rigorously interdicted to expose it to strong light. Fifth, it should be handled with care, and special attention should be paid to avoiding collisions. Sixth, it's rigorously interdicted to sit on the armrests of settees and office chairs or place heavy objects. Seventh, it's necessary to rigorously follow the instructions to maintain the office chair regularly, to protract its service life.

office chair

Cleaning considerations for the office chair.

First of all, of course, it is necessary to understand the material of the office chair, but generally, the legs of the middle back chair are mainly made of solid wood and iron, and the surface of the stool is made of leather or fabric. When cleaning, the methods of cleaning chairs with different materials are not the same. If it is a leather office chair, it is best to try it in an inconspicuous place first when using the leather cleaning agent to see if it fades. If there is fading, it should be diluted with water; when it is very dirty, it can be used with lukewarm water and let dry naturally. The solid wood office chair feet can be wiped directly with a dry cloth, then apply some detergent, do not wipe with a too damp cloth, and then dry it in the sun, which will speed up the internal decay of the solid wood. The general cleaning method of the cloth office chair is to spray the cleaner and wipe it gently. If it is very dirty, it can be cleaned with warm water combined with detergent. Don't rub it with a random brush, otherwise, the fabric will easily look old.

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