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Ergonomic Analysis and Development Trend of office chair

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Ergonomic Analysis and Development Trend of office chair

Office chair refers to various chairs that are equipped for the convenience of work in daily work and social activities. The training chair is divided into a narrow sense and a broad sense. The narrow sense of the office chair refers to the back chair that people sit on when they do desktop work in a sitting position. The broad office chair refers to all office chairs, including executive chairs, middle-level chairs, Reception chairs, staff chairs, conference chairs, visitor chairs, training chairs, etc. Next, let's take a look at the ergonomic analysis and development trend of the office chair.

Here is the content list:

  • Ergonomic analysis of the office chair.

  • What is the development trend of the office chair?

Ergonomic analysis of the office chair.

The comfort of the office chair has a great impact on the staff's work efficiency and human health. Sitting on the office chair for a long time may cause diseases such as cervical vertebrae, shoulder vertebrae, and spine. The office chair is the chair furniture with the highest demands on comfort and ergonomics. Office workers spend one-third of their day working on the office chair, which requires the office chair to provide office workers with efficient office effects while relieving the fatigue of the human body caused by being in the same posture for a long time. The office chair is different from a general leisure chair, its characteristic is that people sit on them for a long time. In a certain state for a long time, the subtle discomfort of the human body will be magnified. Therefore, as long as there are some small differences in the size of the high back chair when the office chair is working for a long time, the feeling of the staff will be very different. Our company's office chair provides maximum comfort to help office workers reduce or relieve physical discomfort caused by prolonged sitting so that their bodies and minds can be in a comfortable and relaxed state, while also satisfying physical and psychological needs.

office chair

What is the development trend of the office chair?

In the future, the development of the office chair will develop in the direction of diversification, intelligence, humanity, and environmental protection. With the development of social diversification, the office chair will no longer be a single form. The application of new materials and the diversity of modeling designs will make the waiting chair present a diversified development. In the Internet era, office chair will develop in the direction of intelligence, using technologies such as computers, communication and network, automatic control, IC card, and sensor detection, through appropriate structure and interface, to simulate the intelligent activity process of office workers, and automatically realize specific functions, and organically combine with the office space to create a smart place that is conducive to the work of office staff and improves work efficiency. The design of the humanized office chair will be more ergonomic and meet the needs of office workers for work and rest, as well as their health needs. The design of the office chair must make it possible for people to change their posture and position frequently to reduce muscle stress. In addition to meeting the comfort requirements, a good office chair design should also play a role in correcting the poor sitting posture of the human body. In the era of advocating green environmental protection, the design of the office chair will also conform to the trend of environmental protection, practice the concept of green environmental protection, use environmentally friendly materials that are beneficial to human health, and reduce the release of formaldehyde and other harmful gases in furniture.

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