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Development of office sofas and styling

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Development of office sofas and styling

In daily life, household products are almost ubiquitous in the space of human life. The Office Sofa is an important member of the office home products. "Sofa" is simply a kind of chair that people sit on. The structure of this chair is made of wood or steel, the inner lining is filled with cotton wool and other foam materials, and the outside is wrapped with leather, synthetic leather, or fabric, which is more comfortable than other chairs.

Here is the content list:

l The development of the sofa

l The development of the shape of the office sofa

The development of the sofa

The sofa has undergone a long development and evolution, and its origin has to go back to ancient Egypt. The world's first upholstered furniture appeared at that time, with seats woven from hides, leather, rush, or linen cords. In the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the earliest soft-covered sofas appeared. The seat surface was made of natural goose down, embroidery, or other fabrics, and the inside was made of natural elastic materials (such as horsehair, bird feathers, plant down, etc.) filling. Because of the comfort and splendor of the product, it was favored by the French Louis XIII style (that is, the French Renaissance style), Louis XIV style (Baroco style), Louis XV style (Rococo style), and the British Elizabeth. At that time, the Farthingale chair, which was popular in Europe with the public at that time, was one of the earliest sofa chairs. Office Sofa was created to meet the demands of today's office.

The development of the shape of the office sofa

Today's people live in a world of standardized, industrialized, and high-tech products. These cookie-cutter, mass-produced industrialized products inevitably give people a monotonous and boring feeling. People yearn for individuality, vitality, vitality, and emotion. Office Sofa plays an important role in people's office life and becomes the most accessible item for people to get a warm and natural life feeling. This requires the designer to pursue the change of shape and the embodiment of personality on the premise of conforming to the size of the human and machine in the design of the sofa. For example, in recent years, Office Sofa has begun to integrate Eastern and Western traditional styles, while adding elements of life, making people feel unexpected and bright. Only distinctive and artistic designs can attract the attention of consumers.

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