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Analysis of the function and size of the office chair

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Analysis of the function and size of the office chair

The design of the office chair has many constraints. Among them, the design requirements of functional dimensions are particularly important, which directly affect the comfort of the office chair. Next, we will explain and explain the seat height, width, armrest height, backrest inclination, color, style, etc. of the office chair.

Here is the content list:

  • Seat width

  • Seat height

  • Seat depth

  • Seat inclination

  • Backrest

  • Armrest

Seat width

The seat width of the high back chair should be designed to be slightly larger than the hip width of the person in the sitting position. According to the horizontal dimensions of the human body in GB-1000-88, the hip width of the male sitting position is 284mm~369mm, and the width of the female is 295mm~400mm. Therefore, the seat width of a general office chair can generally be 370mm~420mm.

Seat height

The seat height of the office chair is related to the height of the calf in the sitting position. In the sitting body size, the male calf plus foot height is 372mm~463mm, and the female calf plus foot height is 331mm~417mm. There is a big difference between the male and female calf plus foot height. When designing a non-height-adjustable office chair, it should meet the needs of most people, especially women, but it is recommended that the seat height of the middle back chair be adjustable. At present, the seat height of the office chair is generally 360mm~480mm.

office chair

Seat depth

For the seat depth design of the office chair, it is better to be shallow than deep, and it should not exceed 400mm. The seat depth is too large, and it is not easy to make the waist close to the backrest, and the corresponding backrest will lose its proper function.

Seat inclination

The seat inclination angle of the office chair will affect the user's physical fatigue. Usually, the seat inclination angle of the chair whose front edge is raised is defined as a positive value and vice versa. For the situation that requires the body to lean forward, the inclination angle of the seat surface is a negative value, which can ensure that the popliteal fossa and abdomen are not compressed; for the body leaning back, the inclination angle of the seat surface is a positive value. Therefore, the inclination angle of the seat surface is preferably adjustable within a certain range, so that when the seat surface is tilted backward or forward, the front end of the seat surface can be flexibly adjusted automatically to reduce the pressure on the thigh.


The function of the office chair backrest is to provide support for the lower back to maintain the spine in a natural equilibrium state that avoids fatigue. The whole backrest, the shoulder rest, the wrist rest, and the neck rest are three key support points, which respectively support the corresponding key parts of the human body. The height of the shoulder rest should be lower than the lower edge of the scapula. This height is convenient for the backrest to be comfortably placed under the armpit when turning the body. If it is too high, it is easy to force the spine to bend forward; the main function of the lumbar rest is to bear part of the weight and maintain the spine. Natural S-shaped curve, so the position of the lumbar support should be slightly lower than the upper edge of the lumbar spine. If the training chair has no lumbar support or the lumbar support is not obvious, the normal lumbar vertebra will be in a kyphotic shape, resulting in lumbar vertebrae deformation, and the excessive protrusion of the lumbar vertebrae will also cause the lumbar vertebrae to be significantly lordotic, and the lumbar vertebrae will deform over time. The neck rest should be slightly higher than the cervical spine point, which can share the weight of the head borne by the cervical spine. The inclination angle of the backrest should be designed to be adjustable. When the person rests, the back leans back. With the increase of the backrest angle, the pressure of the lumbar intervertebral disc decreases and the back muscles relax. When the backrest angle increases to 110°, better performance can be obtained. comfortable experience.


For the armrest of the office chair, its presence cannot be ignored. When working or resting, put your arms on the armrests, which can share part of the load and keep the human body in a stable state. To make the arms hang naturally and obtain better comfort, the height design of the armrests is also more important. Armrests that are too high make the shoulders rounded, and the muscles of the shoulders and neck stretch, resulting in stiffness and pain. Armrests that are too low make the elbows poorly supported, leading to bending over or tilting the torso to one side. In the "office chair" standard, the height of the armrest is 160mm~250mm, and the height of the armrest of the visitor chair on the market conforms to this range. However, we found that the height of the armrests of most office chairs is not adjustable at present, and the office chairs with fixed armrest heights cannot meet the comfort requirements of most people. Therefore, we suggest that when designing the armrests, the height of the armrests can be adjusted within a certain range. Adjustment, in this way, people can adjust the height according to their own needs to achieve a most comfortable state.

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